About Us

Established in 1991, Shigiya (USA) Ltd. sells and services cylindrical grinders, universal grinders, and specialized metal machine tools 100% manufactured at Shigiya Machinery Works Ltd. in Hiroshima, Japan. Shigiya machine tools and grinding machines have been meeting the diverse metal processing needs of the U.S. market since the 1970s. The extensive Shigiya product portfolio — from production-type to ultra-precision grinders, both small and large — fulfills the cost, volume, and specification requirements of myriad applications.

Shigiya (USA) initially began supplying flexible grinding systems, centering machines, and specialized machinery from a location in the Chicago suburb of Vernon Hills, Illinois. The company later moved the sales and service operations to a larger office in Wheeling, Illinois. After years of steady growth, Shigiya (USA) outgrew the Wheeling site. Always maintaining a spirit of innovation, we constructed an expanded headquarters facility in nearby Schaumburg.

The improved capabilities of this modern 12,000-square-foot facility allows Shigiya (USA) to expand operations as the company continues to provide the most innovative and effective grinding machines for the automobile, electronics, IT, and other industries.

In addition to delivering expert sales and service, Shigiya (USA) overhauls and retrofits industrial machine tools, and manufactures glass processing machinery. Each new generation of Shigiya products improves on grinding process technologies.

Shigiya USA Ltd. Headquarters 1
Shigiya USA Ltd. Headquarters 2
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